Friday, December 3, 2010

'Loyalty is Cash' from Tyler Shemwell's upcoming Felon to Felon EP

Mamas let your kids go outside
So you can sigh
Teach me it's more to being a man than feeling up your thigh
I didn't mean to make your cry
Drug charges 1 to 5
Right by my side
I was raised better than this

A child of life and smiles
Your last words was take care of the kids
Who makes women like this
Whose gonna watch us now
What happened to me
I used to be a sharp shooter
Now my ruger
Takes two shots to stop 'em
Pieces of love
Broken vows and broken trust
Before my eyes these precious jewels turn to dust
How you gonna tell me nigga life goes on
When you got your mommy sitting at home

Lyrics from Loyalty is Cash a song from Tyler Shemwell's upcoming Felon to Felon EP

"Tyler Shemwell,the g-esteem guy,El'Agance Nile's dad finally surfaces with hit single 'Night Time' online."

/Am i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

"Can't Wait Til Night TIme"
Night Time by Tyler Shemwell ...G-ESTEEM:)
...a brilliantly written song about "can't wait until night time comes," with lines like /Riding through the slum/Where i'm from/A place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/Some never made it home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/

-"Real & A Good Time" 

(The Election of Presdent Obama) 44-Life

"Respect Ain't Dead."

-Loyalty is Cash


Tyla (SHEMWELL) unsigned

Ring Tone Sold Out... Sold Out!